Legàmi Ring in pink gold and white diamonds

The Legàmi collection combines the solidity of gold with the brilliance of white diamond, combining gold elements with a precious circle of brands. From this union is born immediately the “forever”.

Bracelet Legàmi in pink gold and white diamonds

A winning combination consisting of a bracelet with gold links and a tennis bracelet set with white diamonds. The Legàmi collection thus celebrates the iconic reference to the sentimental bond of their affections.

Legàmi pink gold and white diamonds necklace

The Legàmi collection materializes the rule of opposites with the crew-neck in which combines gold links a tennis crew-neck with white diamonds. Never choice was more appropriate to celebrate the deep bond with the affections.

Legàmi Earrings in white gold and white diamonds

Earrings in gold and white diamonds, with needle and clips, so that its links are intended to embellish the face of the woman who wears them.
The Legàmi collection celebrates the succession of emotions and does so with unique jewels.

Legàmi white gold and white diamonds necklace

Wearing the swirl of gold links and white diamonds of this crew-neck, you also wear the deepest legàmi. The collection is revealed in all its splendor with the most precious and shiny necklace that counts, giving beauty to those who contemplate it.